How To Download TutuApp for Android

TutuApp or Tutu Helper is one of the most used apps in the smartphone world. The users who download apps and games for free are familiar with TutuApp. TutuApp for android is very popular for games like Pokemon go, but basically, it’s Chinese app store which provides paid games and apps for free.

The first version of TutuApp is released only in the Chinese language, when usage of foreign users increases, they found it difficult to understand the language and developer released English version. There are two versions of Tutu Helper or TutuApp, one is Tutu helper regular and another one is TutuApp premium or TutuApp Vip. TutuApp is available for PC, Android, and iOS.

One of the major reason how TutuApp became more popular in short span of time is TutuApp is the first app which released the modded Pokemon Go Game. It has a user-friendly interface with quick access button to navigate throughout the application easy and simple to use.  

Is TutuApp android Safe?

After reading overview you may think is TutuApp safe? I have an explanation for that too. There are many articles on the internet stating that it is safe and as well as not. Some Experts state that app request strange permissions like making calls, send/read SMS. But till now there are no reports against TutuApp.

Android is one of the most used operating systems in the world. Android operating system has its own app store called Google Play Store, which allows users to download apps and games for free and as well as paid. To download and install apps and games using Google Play Store you must need a google account. If you don’t have a google account then now it’s your choice to choose TutuApp for your device.

As of like Google Play Store, you don’t require Google accounts for downloading and installing apps and game in TutuApp. By using TutuApp you can easily download and install paid apps and games for free.  

You can easily download and install modified apps from TutuApp. Moreover, TutuApp provides fast updates for all apps and games, even before Google Play store does. TutuApp is a well-optimized app, so it won’t run in the background and drain all your battery as compared to other apps.

TutuApp android Features:

  • You can download and install unlimited  premium apps for free
  • TutuApp offers modded versions of popular games and applications.
  • You  don’t require root access to your android phone
  • Built-in memory and cache cleaner
  • Safe And Secure to use

How To Download TutuApp for Android

Downloading TutuApp and installing it can be done in many ways. But here we have provided one of the easiest and safest way of installing TutuApp for Android.

Android Operating system is more flexible compared to other Operating systems. It Allows users to install Android apps and games automatically via  Google Play store and manually by downloading apk from third party websites and installing it on your device.  

TutuApp is free for download which is available in the Google Play Store, but it is very hard one to find which one is an official app. So to solve this we have come up with the solution. Here is how you install it.

Step 1: Download TutuApp APK file

Step 2: Go to Settings and in Device Administration check if you have enabled Unknown Sources. If not enable it.

Step 3: Locate your downloaded TutuApp APK file on your android phone and open it to install on your device.

Step 4: Follow the screen and install as per instructions are given so that you can use the app without any problem.


TutuApp is one of the best apps in the market for both Android and iOS devices. There are many websites providing TutuApp for Android, TutuApp VIP and TutuApp for iOS. Beware of downloading and installing from fake sites, because fake sites will download virus and malware in the name of TutuApp and will spoil your device.