TutuApp for iOS, Iphone and iPad

Apple is a renowned platform in the smartphone industry. Apple has reputation for its brand and stable operating system and device which it designs for the user. Many productivity application is launched on the iOS platform first and then on the others. In order to get the application into the App Store, there are lot’s of procedure to be taken care and limitations in the kind of application that the developer creates because apple on its side has control on what type of application the user can install and use on the device.

This restriction from the Apple is not liked by many Apple user because they think that their freedom of using an application of their choice is hindered by the Apple and they started looking for the ways to get rid of it.

That’s the time when the third party application marketplaces are gonna help. A third party market is a place that hosts the applications for the platform which are not distributed from the official store. Hence when there is a limitation in the official store, people tend to use these third-party applications.

The third party application requires you to Jailbreak the iOS device in order to install the application away from the Apple Store. But not all the iOS user are happy with Jailbreaking their iOS device, once the user jailbreaks the iOS device, the user’s device will not be covered by the warranty. Hence to eliminate all these above restrictions and safely install the third party application from the store, we can TutuApp for iOS.

Since TutuApp is not officially available in the Apple App Store. We will guide you through a step by step manner to successfully get the TutuApp for iPhone installed.

TutuApp for iOS allows you get all the free and paid application for the iOS device without spending any costs, which means all the premium apps can be downloaded for free from the TutuApp for iOS.

Features of TutuApp

A main advantage of TutuApp is that its ability to install the third-party applications without Jailbreaking the device. It’s an important thing to consider because it provides a valid way to get the application into the device.

TutuApp for iOS consists of a wide variety of application ranging from productivity to entrainment and both in free and premium type. Hence it’s a pit stop for all the application needs for the iOS devices.

TutuApp has a simple and clean interface for the iOS user to search for the desired app and download it, without any complications.

TutuApp has sorted out all the application and grouped them into different groups and hence you can navigate through each group and easily find the required application.

The application in the TutuApp are delivered through a highly secured server and these servers are providing blazing speed download for the user, so no longer waiting for the user to get the favorite application to be installed on the device.


Since we have very briefly discussed the importance of TutuApp and it’s featured in the above, we can follow on with the steps to download the TutuApp for iOS devices.

How to install TutuApp on iOS devices

  1.  Click on the download button below to Download TutuApp for iOS.
  2. Now the application will be starting downloading to your device.
  3.  After downloading TutuApp for your iOS device, open downloaded file and install it.
  4.  Once the successful installation is completed open TutuApp shortcut on your home screen.
  5.  Now you will see the prompt screen in your iOS Device stating ” untrusted enterprise developer “. So dont panic we have a solution for that follow the simple instruction to fix this issue.TutuApp for iOS
  6. Go to Settings -> General -> Device Management -> now tap into trust and tap on trust again. That’s it was done.
  7. Open your TutuApp on your iOS device and enjoy!